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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Hiyashiame Candy


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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Hiyashiame Candy


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"Hiyashiame" is very well-known in Kansai region, especially in Kyoto and Osaka. It is sold everywhere in town, under the name of "Hiyashiame" in summer and "Ameyu" in winter. Hiyashiame is also known as  'ginger syrup' and 'freshly-squeezed ginger'. It is a simple beverage you can enjoy the authentic taste of nature. A plenty of root ginger from Kochi provides the refreshing aftertaste. Somewhat nostalgic, gentle sweetness and refreshing aftertaste will let you forget about the hot and humid summer. Refrigerate before consuming.

-Ingredients: malt starch syrup, sugar, root ginger, honey
-Contents: 200ml
-Made in Japan
-Serving Instructions:
-Summer: enjoy it as a cool candy"
*Dilute (2 or 4 to 1) with cold ice water and drink. It has a clean aftertaste and will help to promote appetite.
*Dilute with soda water and it will taste like ginger ale.
-Winter: enjoy it warm
*Dilute (2 or 4 to 1) with hot water and enjoy it warm. It contains root ginger extract that will protect your throat from cold.
*Add to tea and enjoy ginger flavored tea.
-It can also be added to various dishes as a flavor enhancer or to odor remover. Product with many uses. Enjoy finding your own favorite use.
-Caution: Concentrated product that should be diluted 3 to 1
-Storage Instructions: room temperature
-Manufacturer: Daimonji Ame Co. Ltd.

-There may be product revision in the future and the package design and listed contents may change without notice.

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Item No. V01179999028
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