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Ogawa Coffee Organic Coffee Assortment (Drip Coffee) 30 Cups

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Kokubu West Japan


Ogawa Coffee Organic Coffee Assortment (Drip Coffee) 30 Cups


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Ogawa Coffee, the specialty coffee shop established in 1952, proudly offers this drip coffee.


This large size assortment contains two of their famous blends: 

"Original Blend" with the well-balanced and mild flavor, 

"Fair Trade Mocha Blend", which has full of aromas and a light flavor.


■Set Includes: 

Original Blend(10g x 15 cups)

Fair Trade Mocha Blend(10g x 15 cups)

■Made in Japan

■Weight (Including Packaging): 550g

■Country of Origin:

【Original Blend】 Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia, Uganda

【Fair Trade Mocha Blend】Ethiopia, Guatemala

■How to serve: 

[1] Lightly shake the coffee packet to make sure the coffee ground is gathered at the bottom.

[2] Tear off the top along the opening line.

[3] Extend the hooks to each side, place the packet in a cup and place the hooks around the cup's rim.

[4] Pour a small amount of hot water into the packet, wait 20 seconds to steep.

[5] Pour the rest of the hot water by pouring two to three times. (It'll make 130-140ml of coffee.)


・Use within a reasonable amount of time once opened.

・Place the cup on a stable place and place the packet horizontally when pouring the hot water.

・Use a cup that can hold the packet.

・Be careful of the hot water.

■Storage: At room temperature. 

■Manufacturer: Ogawa Coffee


■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V01236999028
Jan: 4970690969207

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Ogawa Coffee Organic Coffee Assortment (Drip Coffee) 30 Cups 5

Post date 3/11/2019 Sunday
This is my second order for this item. First, I ordered 1 box, this time, I ordered 3 boxes! Have one pack Everyday morning. It bring me a refreshing beginning of the day. Recommended for coffee lover.

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