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  9. Katsuo-Bushi Bonito Plates 15


Katsuo-Bushi Bonito Plates 15


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Kimura Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.


Katsuo-Bushi Bonito Plates 15


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Edible plates made of katsuo-bushi bonito flakes from Japan. The flavorful katsuo-bushiwill make mealtime  fun.

■ Ingredients: katsuo-bushi bonito flakes, salt, seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

■ Contents: 15 sheets

■ Country of Origin: Japan 

■ How to use: Place rice, sushi, or any other dish on the plate and serve

■ Precautions: 

-Paper plates are sandwiched inside to maintain the shape of the katsuobushi-plates. Only eat the plates visible in the photographs.

-Consume as soon as possible after opening.

-These products are fragile; carefully take out one at a time

-The seaweed in this product is harvested at a fishery that also contains shellfish (shrimp, crab). 

-This product is produced in the same building as products that contain gelatin, soy, and/or mackerel 

■ Storing: Store at room temperature. Eat as soon as possible one opened.

■ Manufacturer: Kimura Alumi-Haku Co., Ltd.

Item No. V01222999028
Jan: 4932313033092

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