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Milk Caramel Bag 6set


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Milk Caramel Bag 6set


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Popular snacks of Japan selected by! The items are for bulk orders and come in packs or cardboard boxes. Enjoy these snacks with your family and friends. It will make a great gift!!

Brand:Morinaga  Made in:Japan

Net Content:97g  Brand Origin:Japan

It is mellow sweetness and gentle taste, soft candy filled with heart and tummy. It is a popular sweet from Japan long ago. It is individual packaging that you can share with others.

The items are for bulk orders and come in packs or cardboard boxes. Even though some of the boxes may have hand-written letters or numbers that were scribbled on the outside during the handling process at our distribution center, each item inside the box is up to the required standard.

NOTE: The manufacturer reserves the right to change/modify the product's weight,

packaging, ingredients, country of origin, etc. at any time without giving notice

to us retailers or customers.

Thus, the product images/specifications might differ from the actual product

you receive. Please read the actual product's specifications for the up-to-date

information on the product.

Item No. V05236999028
Jan: 4902888212062

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