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OBAKETSU Diaper Pail


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Watanabe Metal Industry Co., Ltd.


OBAKETSU Diaper Pail


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NOTE: This product is for international buyers.
Not for sale in Japan (the price includes international shipping fee).

The chic diaper pail that blends well with any style of rooms.

The double lids help contain orders and you can place air fresheners between them.
Made with galvanized steel, which is quite durable and often used for roofing and wall panels,
this container doesn't absorb odors as much as other plastic pails do and it is leak-resistant. 

The hook attached on the inner lid is useful for hanging plastic bags.
It can hold about 20 diapers and the recommended trash bag sizes to use are 15L - 20L.

You can wash the pail with water if needed and once diapers are no longer needed,
you can use the pail as a kitchen trash can. 

■Set Includes:  Diaper Pail, Lid
■Color: Choose a color from the drop-down menu. 
1:  Red  2: Ivory
■Size: approx. D21.5cm x H45.0cm (12L)
【Diaper Pail】Galvanized Steel (Zinc-Coated Sheet Steel)
【Handle】Hinoki Wood
■Made in Hyogo 
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 1150
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 1270
・Make sure the pail doesn't leak moisture before use. 
・Do not fill above the rivet. 
・DO not climb up on the pail.
・Though galvanized steel is durable and resistant to rust, keep the pail dry to prevent it from rusting. 
・Use it on a level surface.
・Do not screw the nail on the inner lid too tightly, it might cause scratches or distortion. 
・These are handmade pails, the closures slightly vary and they may not close completely. 
■Manufacturer:Watanabe Metals Co., Ltd

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05510XXX028

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