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  9. 【WAZABI】Denim Inner Bag


【WAZABI】Denim Inner Bag


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Saint Couture


【WAZABI】Denim Inner Bag


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This is aWAZABIinner bag which is made with a sharp looking denim fabric of a checkered pattern. This bag is designed to be matched with WAZABIseries bags, and can be useful for everyday use and when you go on trips as well. This is superior in functionality, having convenient sized pockets inside and out.



What is WAZABI?

A brand name WAZABI is originated in the eastern part of Hiroshima prefecture "Bingo area" where is said to be the place of production to send high-end Japanese products to the world.



Details of the size(mm): H21cm x W30cm x D2.5cm

Weight (product only)(g): 135g

Weight (incl. packaging material)(g): 485g

Materials: Cotton 100%

Place of origin: Japan

Name of the brand: WAZABI

Handling with care: As it is indigo dyeing, there is a possibility of discoloration, bleeding, bleaching, and shinning by friction, water, and sweat because of the characteristic of the material.

There is a difference in coloring and texture for each product because of the washed fabric.

You can prevent from water repellency, antifouling, removing and preventing stains by using a fluorine-based waterproof spray to enjoy this product longer.

Manufacturer: San Couture, Inc.  

Item No. V04150999028

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