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Note, Memo

Kanazawa Postcards Set of 5


4580558480036 In Stock V01516999028

Note, Memo

Kanazawa Postcards Set of 5


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A post card made of “Noto Cypress,” the prefectural tree of Ishikawa. Noto Cypresses are grown in the Noto area in Ishikawa, and have a distinct aroma. Its smell is relaxing and has stress-relieving effects. The design of the post card was inspired by Kanazawa city, the capital of Ishikawa. Send the beautiful aroma of Cypress to someone you love, or display it in a photo stand for your own enjoyment. 

■ Size details: length 143 mm × width 93 mm 

■ Weight [g]: 10 

■ Weight (including packing) [g]: 15 

■ Materials: Noto cypress

■ Origin: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa

■ Brand: Ishikawa Brand 

■ Precautions: Applying excessive force on this project may cause it to break, as it is made out of wood. We recommend using a pencil or pen when writing on this postcard; markers may blur. We recommend bringing it directly to a post-office instead of putting it in a post-box. 

Item No. V01516999028
Jan: 4580558480036

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