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Stationery, Office supply

ZIG Clean Color Real Brush 24 Colors


In Stock V05357999028
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Stationery, Office supply

ZIG Clean Color Real Brush 24 Colors


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Brush-type color pen now comes in 24 colors.

Created by Kuretake, whose brush pens and calligraphy tools are widely popular around the world,
these pens are versatile, great for illustration, designing, calligraphy, drawing cartoons. 
The brush can create fine lines or bold strokes, anything you desire!

Equipped with water-dye ink, these pens can be used for gradations or mixing colors.

■Set Includes: Brush Color Pens 24 Colors
■Size:【Box】Approx. L16.2 cm x W10.8 cm x D4.4 cm
【Pen Cap】PP
【Top Cap】PP
【Pen Tip】PES
■Made in Nara
■Brand: ZIG Clean Color Real Brush 
■Manufacturer: Kuretake Co., Ltd. 
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 240
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 292

Item No. V05357999028

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